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[C#] [GUI] User Control - Principles

If you were creating a user interface in which the user chooses to display or arrange different windows, you would name the menu Windows.
The Documents menu is a drop-down menu listing all the active documents

Status Bar:
- the user can be informed about any long running activity that is occurring.

Steps to create a user control:
• Overrides for common System.Object methods (Equals() - check for ctrl id, GetHashCode(), and ToString())
• Event notification for the process of closing
public event EventHandler OnClose;

• Event notification when the current user’s principal object is changed
protected internal virtual void OnCurrentPrincipalChanged();
public event EventHandler CurrentPrincipalChanged;

GetIdValue() method -- returns a unique identifier for the instance of the user control.

Client application configuration file (App.config):
- Naming the file App.config is important. VS .NET will automatically copy the file into the appropriate bin directory, changing the name to match that of the program.
- you provide connection strings
- you can configure the data portal to communicate with a remote application server.
- you can manage the authentication:
- Remote Data Portal (with Web Services)

The main region of the form should contain a Panel control:
- resizing events can be handled more easily
- hosting process can be simplified

Use controls data binding capabilities.

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