vineri, 20 noiembrie 2009

[C#], [.NET Framework].NET Data Binding Interfaces

IBindingListDefines data binding behaviors for collections, including change notification, sorting, and filtering (implemented by BindingList)
ICancelAddNewDefines data binding behaviors for collections to allow data binding to cancel addition of a new child object (implemented by BindingList)
IRaiseItemChangedEventsIndicates that a collection object will raise a ListChanged event to indicate that one of its child objects has raised a PropertyChanged event (implemented by BindingList)
IEditableObjectDefines single-level undo behavior for a business object, allowing the object to behave properly with in-place editing in a DataGridView
INotifyPropertyChangedDefines an event allowing an object to notify data binding when a
property has been changed
IDataErrorInfoDefines properties used by the DataGridView and ErrorProvider controls to automatically show descriptions of broken validation rules within the object

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