marți, 13 octombrie 2009

[DesignPattern] MVP

Model-View-Presenter is a design pattern for separating the concerns of display and data.

  • Model - The observable data model that is the subject of the user-story.
  • Presenter - A construct that takes data from the model and exposes it to views.
  • View - Shows the interaction and display surface of the application.
-> acts as an external mediator

Model-View- Presenter

ModelViewController.png ModelViewPresenter.png

Application domain logic
Application domain logic

Receives model elements from controller. Displays and interacts with element.
Receives data from presenter, notifies presenter of interactions.

Supervises view/model, performs actions in response to events/changes. Delegates events to model. Re-maps model outgoing events into state changes.

-> MVC: a view would receive an update and manipulate the model accordingly after being configured by its controller.

MVP - abstract

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