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Scum - Agile: Definition of Ready (DoR)

Who’s responsible for USs to be in ready state: TEAM

"The Product Owner is responsible for putting the features and stories in the backlog. However, the Team must work with the Product Owner during Backlog Grooming to help them get the stories into actionable shape."


Title: Story must be written as a user story (i.e. “As a <kind of user> I want <feature> so that <benefit>”)

Documented (where appropriate)
Title may be sufficient almost of the time
At least a Description should be added in Rally
Or a reference to a FEA/ENH/BUG in IxTracker
Or email discussion (attached to Rally)
Note: Use cases/ test plan can be another way to document the user story
Acceptance criteria defined

Dependencies identified

Size estimated by delivery team

Use cases: User experience included (where appropriate)
MUST / where appropriate

Performance criteria identified (where appropriate)
MUST / where appropriate
Note: Need automation to execute Performance Tests (currently, the automation is executed manually).
Person who will accept the user story is identified

Team has a good idea about how to demo the user story

Task breakdown
Note: There is no agreement if task breakdown should be part of the definition of ready.
PRO: may help with estimation
AGAINST: Breaking a US in task is part of Planning


Having the definition of done may be the first step to Waterfall
If these rules include saying that something must be 100 percent finished before a story can be brought into an iteration, the Definition of Ready becomes a huge step towards a sequential, stage-gate approach.
A Definition of Ready Can Lead to Stages and Gates (Waterfall)

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